Pela primeira vez em inglês, é o faixa a faixa de Tracy Vandal sobre o seu disco a solo, “The End Of Everything” Lux Records.

Straight to the stars
This track was written outside in the snow on an acoustic bass in glasgow outside my brothers house on his steps with just me and my computer, then i took it home to portugal and made it into what it became. It’s a song about the kind of love we all dream of, a kind of very simplistic fantasy that should be so easy to get to, but never can quite reach… the thought os transforming a dance in a dark nightclub in your head to being alone, dancing in the darkest forest with the one you love all alone..a last dance so to speak.

On this hill
This was composed as most tracks were while i became lonelier as an illness took over me and i was spending a lot of time looking out my window of my house which lies on a very steep hill, wondering what the world was doing as i sat alone in my self imposed prison, feeling the wish for only night-time to exist and wishing for a way out.

Once a sunset
From the memories of loves gone by and in youth when just sitting alone with one you love on a cold beach watching the sunset was as much as you could want from life, to the realisation, that for a long time you knew those times were gone and the light that used to live in your eyes was fading along with the feeling something bigger and stronger than you was coming to take you where you were going in life even when it wasn’t the way you’d always imagined , but trying eventually to surrender to it and let yourself fall into the darkness.

This song was written and performed towards the end of my old band tiguana bibles and was called “one way”. The title was changed for obvious “blondie” reference reasons.It’s the story of a girl who can only accept someone into her life on her terms and is used to it being this way. She wants someone to become her partner in crime and let all the sadness of the world fall away. Unfortunately she belongs to someone who wants to challenge her thinking and push her to challenge herself to stop trying to dominate and control everything that happens..but it seems she has not read the book of relationship codes…hence the song being called “Ex-Codes”.

The end of everything
We have here a story of a once beautiful woman who wakes up one morning and literally overnight her world has become a dark and haunting shadow of it’s self. As she goes to look in the mirror any beauty she possessed had also faded. Gone were her days of being able to light up the room or a heart with just a smile, she was now just a sad figure who, once known for her vivacious dresses and dancing and living, to a skeletal figure sat alone in a corner drinking quietly alone, like the silent movie actress, when films became talking roles and her voice was no longer wanted, or the ageing screen actress pushed aside for younger more glamourous models. She decided not to take her life, but to let life take her.Last take.

Apart from the first song all songs were written in my house alone night by night telling the story of the life of a girl who didn’t exist in the real world anymore.  [OUVIR]

By Rui Dinis

Rui Dinis é um pai 'alentejano' nascido em Lisboa no ano de 1970, dedicado intermitentemente desde Janeiro de 2004 à divulgação da música e dos músicos portugueses.